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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite (*ad)

Since I was younger I have always found time telling difficult to get my head around. You'll often find me counting out loud to work out what time it is specifically. But, that doesn't mean you can't wear a watch just because it looks good, which is pretty much what I've been doing with my new Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watch.
I know that, nowadays, most people will use their mobile phone to check the time but include a watch to their ensemble because it pulls the outfit together. Watches have become a fashion accessory and will often be worn instead of a bracelet or even to accompany some. What I like about my DW watch the most is the strap. It's made of metal mesh and is a great alternative to leather! Because it's mesh it actually appears a bit sparkly in the sun and the watch face is nice and simple showing the classic Daniel Wellington symbol. 
There are other colours to suit whatever outfit or style that you have. I picked silver because I mainly buy silver jewellery and it means I can pair it with a hand full of rings. On this occasion I paired it with a very summery outfit as the sun has been making an appearance in the UK quite frequently recently. I wanted to keep my jewellery clean, simple and stylish and the Classic Petite matched that criteria perfectly. 

You can find the other Classic Petite colours on the Daniel Wellington website through the link below:

Don't forget to use the code "LEMONADEJAR15" to get 15% off the website!

~Photos taken by my lovely sister Ruth~

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Nobody's Pussycat

This outfit is the result of two of my obsessions at the moment. One is searching through Asos sales and buying stuff I've had my eye on for months for half price, and the other is Valfré who somehow always get it right with their clothes. It was actually last year that I spotted the skirt and the shoes on Asos and wished they were a part of my wardrobe, but the frugal side of me told me not to spend a penny on them. Come January, I spotted them both in the sale and of course, seeing that they were pretty much more than half price, that same frugal side of me allowed a lil treat. I'm going to put everyone's mind at ease and assure you all that I definitely twirled around my bedroom in this skirt when I first tried it on... and the second time... and also the third. It fuelled the idea that being a ballerina is my next career option, only for that idea to be shattered when I realised that my leg is definitely not reaching that high. The shoes were actually not to my taste when I first saw them on the site, but after many hours a day scrolling (and I mean literal hours) they started to grow on me. When I saw that they were in the sale for £20.50 they went straight into my bag and onto my feet (a couple of days later when they arrived at my house of course). The last piece of my outfit which is the newest part of my wardrobe is my Valfré sweater. This has replaced my other comfy jumper, not only because this one is comfier and cooler, but because it references cats which my other comfy jumper did not do - very important. I tend to find it really difficult to find nice outfits in winter because I hate layering so this jumper has made it so much easier to keep warm but still look great.

* Nobody's Pussycat Sweater - Valfré
Ballerina Skirt - Asos
Star Heels (hate to admit this but they're actually cheaper than when I bought them) - Asos
~Photos taken by my lovely boyfriend Josh~

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Drop Dead Shoot

Not so long ago I had the privilege of working with Drop Dead for their collection Baltic. The collection is lovely and surprised me as I wore some things I never thought would ever suit me like this green utility jumper. The collection focuses a lot on tie dye, check fabric and a kind of mesh material for the bags. What I liked about the clothes is that they all had very small details on them, such as having the label on the side of the jumper and the frayed edges, they were all mega comfy too! My favourite piece is the blue jumper that I'm wearing in the first photos. The shoot was so much fun, they had a snow machine which made me turn into a little kid again and I met some really cool characters (including one of Oli Sykes' doggies shown in the last photo). I've linked the clothes I'm wearing for you all below!

Static Tie Dye Jumper
Utility Pullover

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Santa Is On His Way!

It's Christmas Eve and that means that Santa is on his way! I'm so excited, I love pretty much everything about Christmas - the food, the presents, the decor. Tonight I'm spending time with my family watching Christmas films and eating as much food as I can! I have decided that this is now called my Christmas Eve outfit (even though it's just a regular outfit with some tinsel wrapped around it). I'm really enjoying leopard print at the minute, I kind of always have but never really thought it was my style until now. This dress is kind of like a night dress because of the black lace trim and I really love that about it. It has a matching choker too so you don't have to stress about which jewellery to wear with it, unless of course you want to mix it up a bit! Now that I've shown you my outfit I think I'll get back to stuffing my face... Have a great Christmas everyone!

*Dress - Valfré
*Denim Jacket - Rokit (similar)
*Tights - We Love Colors
Boots - Asos

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Almost Wednesday Addams

All I'd need for this outfit is two black plaits and I would be a girly Wednesday Addams (I already have the mood). She is all I could think of when I looked on the Kill Star website (where I got the dress from), if she were a real person I feel as though it would be one of her favourite stores. The dress is really simple but with small details that make it unique. The collar, diamond cut out and the pentagram print on the back are what give this dress individuality. I especially love the diamond cut out as it perfectly shows off my crystal necklace. The bag is also from Kill Star and something else that would be on Wednesday Addams' wish list. It's in the shape of a coffin and is the coolest backpack I've seen. Definitely my favourite part of this outfit. Not only is it quirky and attention grabbing (I've received many compliments from people), it's also really roomy which is why I've been taking it everywhere recently. My shoes are soft, velvety material and are the part of the outfit that veers away from the Wednesday Addams vibe. Matched with the dress I think the outfit becomes a lot more classy, my favourite thing about the shoes are the wrap around ties. I've never had shoes like these before but I'm in love with these ones! I added a sparkly jumper over the top because it was a little bit chilly too!

~Edit: just realised I haven't added a photo of the back of the dress, I'll be posting one on my instagram for you all!~

*Dress - KillStar
*Bag - KillStar
*Shoes - Public Desire
*Necklace - Tuppence Store
*Jumper - The Ragged Priest (sold out but they have other cute jumpers!)

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Nobody Cares

My mom and I just painted the wall in my back garden white so now I don't have to be stared at by strange men when I'm taking photos (my least favourite thing about being a blogger). That might mean that you see it in pretty much all my photos now, I'll try and mix it up a bit though! I really love this dress as it is the perfect fit, (and it's pink!). The elastic round the middle really defines the waist and the length of the dress is just how I like it - not too long but not showin' off my butt. The dress, bag and phone case are from Spoiled Brat, an online shop which sells some of my favourite brands. I like having this bag around because if someone says something boring I can just point to it to highlight how I feel (it's also really roomy). I used to have the Blanco phone case from ages ago but then my phone got stolen and I was devastated! So of course I had to add it into the little bundle that was being sent to me and now Blanco is back in my life.

*Dress - Valfré
*Bag - Killstar (bag no longer available on Spoiled Brat)
*Phone case - Valfré
*Tights - We Love Colors
*Shoes - Public Desire

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Charity Shop Charm

As a blogger I do get gifted quite a lot of clothes and for once I wanted to show what kind of things you can find in charity shops on a small budget. There are only a couple of accessories that were gifted to me by brands in these photos and the rest is either from charity shops or from Primark! My friend Kayla and I have always shopped at charity shops, especially when I first started out as a blogger and the majority of the clothes that I own are from charity shops. I think this is what helped me start out at first as I could always find something unique that no one else had which brought a lot of attention. I think that people underestimate the gems that you can find while routing through everyone's old clothes as gross as that sounds (don't worry, they usually clean them). For example the shoes that I'm wearing in these photos, they're weird but wonderful and I probably wouldn't have been able to find anything similar without paying a lot of money (platforms/buffalo style shoes are always so expensive!!). I also got the skirt and black denim jacket from a charity shop which I was so happy with as it's exactly the right oversized size (if that makes sense) and I love the colour. Another great thing about shopping in charity shops is that the money helps someone else, so you get cheap clothes and someone else's life improves at the same time! This whole outfit, excluding the jewellery and tights, cost me just under £15. The top is from Primark but I looked on the website and it's not there anymore so I've linked similar. I think it was around £3 from Primark but the one linked isn't too much more, it also has more detail in the middle and you get 2 in a pack too!

Top - Missguided (similar)
Denim Jacket - Charity Shop £4
Skirt - Charity Shop £1.50
Shoes - Charity Shop £5
*Ring - Regal Rose
*Tights - We Love Colors
*Goat Skull Necklace - Hellaholics (similar)
Turtle Necklace - A gift from my boyfriend, sorry I don't know where it's from!